The mitogenome of a 35,000-year-old Homo sapiens from Europe supports a Palaeolithic back-migration to Africa

"The presence of the basal haplogroup U6* in South East Europe (Romania) at 35 ky BP confirms a Eurasian origin of the U6 mitochondrial lineage. Consequently, we propose that the PM1 lineage is an offshoot to South East Europe that can be traced to the Early Upper Paleolithic back migration from Western Asia to North Africa, during which the U6 lineage diversified, until the emergence of the present-day U6 African lineages."

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Ruth Gonzalez

Ruth Gonzalez is the involved with the Voices in Time and mtDNA haplogroup C projects. She is a retired teacher and genealogist. She lives with her husband and her Morkie. Her family traces to Puerto Rico.

  • Turpan - Xinjiang, China

Ancient DNA identification of domestic animals used for leather objects in Central Asia during the Bronze Age

Our results show that Bronze Age domesticated goats and sheep from the Hami and Turpan oases possessed identical or closely related haplotypes to modern domestic animals of this area. The absence of leather produced from wild animals emphasizes the importance of animal husbandry in the cultures of Wupu and Yanghai.

  • La Hoya - Spain

Mitochondrial DNA Reveals the Trace of the Ancient Settlers of a Violently Devastated Late Bronze and Iron Ages Village

The results did not sustain a genealogical continuity between Laguardia and La Hoya at the haplotype level, although factors such as sampling effects, recent admixture events, and genetic bottlenecks need to be considered. Likewise, the highly similar subhaplogroup composition detected between La Hoya and Laguardia and Alava populations do not allow us to reject a maternal genetic continuity in the human groups of the area since at least the Iron Age to present times.

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Lynne Taylor Montanari

Lynne Taylor Montanari is a genealogist and mother. She uses DNA to research her own genealogy and help others find family. Lynne Taylor Montanari Question: Please tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living? Answer: [...]

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Angie Bush

Angie Bush is a mother, a professional genealogist, and a genetic genealogy consultant. She and her family live in Utah. Angie Bush Question: Please tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your [...]