This is the third installment on using the new FTDNA Family Finder Matches page. The first two looked at the page as a whole.

This quickly walks you through logging into your account and doing a triangulation comparison on a new match.

1) Login

Login to your myFTDNA account,

The Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) Login Page

2) Family Finder Matches

Go to the Family Finder Matches page.

Go to the Family Finder Matches Page

3) The Match

Find the Match.

Find the New Family Finder Match

4) Advanced View

Open the Advanced View bar.

  1. Click anyplace on the darker grey bar at the bottom of the match.Family Finder Open Advanced View 1
  2. The Advanced View bar will open showing the Triangulate link.

    Family Finder Open Advanced View 2

5) DNA Triangulation

Click the Triangulation link.

Click on the Triangulation Link

6) In Common With

Click the In Common With button.

Click on the In Common With button

That is it. In part four I will walk through adding matches to be compared in the Chromosome Browser.